Pine A64 arrived

A few days ago I got my Pine A64, a single board computer like the popular Raspberry Pi. It’s a 64-bit able to perform like a desktop or portable PC. You can browse the Internet, play games and watch video in ultra high definition.

An Android 5.1.1 on a Micro SD-card were contained in my delivery, so I could unpack it and directly try via HDMI on my TV. It works like a charm, but I also got a 7″ touchscreen, that I want to use with that SBC.

So first, I looked for another Micro SD-card and found a 32GB from an old camera. I downloaded the Android 5.1.1 Image (LCD Panel Video Output) Release 20160603 and unzipped it with The Unarchiver because with the MACs default archiving-tool it didn’t work. The resulting *.img-file I copied to the SD-card with the following command were the path and disk-number need to be adapted:

sudo dd bs=1m if=path_of_the_image.img of=/dev/disk#

While I waited for the completion of the copy-process (took more than 1 hour), I installed the display to the DSI-port and also set the powering-mode to “battery” with the corresponding jumper-switch.
Ok, don’t forget to not only connect the LCD (DSI) but also the touchscreen (TP).

Last but not least, the battery is connected and … Wait. No power LED. Nothing. What’s wrong?
After hours of searching the web, I found a hint to solder the separate tactile switch to the power switch pins on the board. After doing so, it’s working now.

Now I’m waiting for the enclosure that should come along with the Playbox-offer. Only a small note was attached to the delivery, that the enclosure will be delivered later. Let’s see.

Edit: Today the enclosure arrived and I tried to assemble all, but the 30pin flat ribbon cable for the display is too short. So I need a longer version and need to buy one.