CMOS-battery of an Acer Aspire 8920g

My kids are using an old Acer Aspire 8920g. It’s an old model (I think it was built in 2008), but works fine with Windows 7.
Only one thing as annoying: The CMOS-battery was not working anymore and so the laptop always lost the time, when it was disconnected from the power-line. Not only the time was wrong, but also all certificates of my browsers were invalid because of the system-time somewhere in 2006.
So I decided to replace the battery. I opened the laptop and could not find anything that looks like a CMOS-battery. I googled that and found a video of someone, replaced that battery before me. It’s a horrible process and it took me around 2 hours to completely disassemble the laptop, but at least I found the battery and removed it. It’s a CR2032 with solder-flags. I thought about to buy such a battery online. Best price was around €4, but I had to wait a week.
I have a lot of CR2032 and also battery-holder in SMD and through-hole to solder to my PCB and so I decided to replace it with such an solution and to move the battery to the empty HDD-slot. So I can easily replace it again, if necessary (I think the laptop will not be used as long, but who knows).
After all, I realized, I could also cut the cable only and let the old battery as it is and only used the connector. So I could avoid to disassemble the laptop. If someone need to replace the battery too, try to only cut the connector, solder it to a longer cable and put the battery to another place within the laptop. Have a look to the following image: